Friday, January 21, 2011

Many Thanks

Ok, I'm going to post this.  It's the 3rd and last try.  You know, a one layer card is sometimes a real challenge! 

By the way, the One Layer Wednesday Challenge is over at Simplicity and it's to stamp more than one sentiment on a one layer card.  NO IMAGES ALLOWED!

You see I have this problem.  I can't stamp straight!  Susan suggested a stamp positioner but I'm embarassed to tell you that I can even get a crooked sentiment with that!

So, right off to bat I thought I'd have to stamp randomly.

The first one got a smudge.  I covered the smudge with flourishes, but then it didn't fit the challenge!

The second one had a smudged "h" in one of the thanks.  That one is in the trash can!

I do think this would be a great card to give to our neighbor the next time he blows the leaves or pulls my trash can up.

All the stamps are SU.  There are just too many sets to list.

When I look at the gallery this week, I am amazed.  There are so many talented stampers and creative cards!



Jennifer Styles said...

These cards are great! I especially like the frame on the first one!

Benzi said...

I had a smile over your post because I've been there. Don't you just hate when things go wrong and the trash can gets to eat your cards? I am going to check out the gallery of cards for this challenge. I would like to have tried that one, but no time. I do like the flourishes on the bottom one and the scoring on the top one. I wouldn't have ever gotten my sentiments straight.Angled is good.

Susan said...

Aw....Bonnie! You are too hard on yourself! I love the way this turned out! I do understand about stamping several cards before I finally get it right! LOL! I started "test" layouts on a piece of white paper before I mess up to much cardstock! my order today! YAY!!

Doris said...

You did great!

Emily Keaton said...

I agree--you *are* too hard on yourself, Bonnie! I think these turned out wonderfully. I LOVE the scored border on the top one. That's really what I would have liked to do on my OLW entry, but I don't have "advanced" tools, so I couldn't do it. Perfectly lovely thank you notes you made here!

joanne wardle said...

thank you cards are always so useful. these are great cards