Thursday, September 1, 2011

No Time to Stamp

Well, I survived the first full day with both Luke and Jack.  Jack had his 2 month immunizations yesterday and wasn't a happy partier last night.  But he rallied and was his usual darling self today.  Both boys took a nap at the same time so I could catch up on your blogs and do some commenting.  I didn't go to my studio since it's upstairs and I don't have a monitor yet.  I'm afraid I won't hear the boys when they wake up.

So, I didn't get to my studio until just a little while ago and the first card I did was AWFUL!  So I took it apart and tried something else.  It's not worth the editing and watermarking!

Here's pictures of the studio that I didn't get to use much today.

As you enter

Side view

Big Shot and Ink Storage

I'm glad you could visit tonight.  I hope to have a card for you tomorrow.



Susie said...

What a wonderful craft room. I'm so envious!

Vicky Hayes said...

How thoughtful of the boys to nap at the same time! Thank you for sharing pics of your studio Bonnie - it all looks wonderful.

Colleen Dietrich said...

What a fabulous space you have, Bonnie! I'm so jealous!

Bev J. said...

Love your crafting space with the touches of blue-very nice!

Benzi said...

I may turn green with envy. :-) Your room is so spacious and I know you can do some wonderful creating up there. It's super!!

Julie Marshall said...

So jealous! Love your workroom/studio. What a great place to come and play ;)

nancy littrell said...

TFS your special stamping space Bonnie. Wish I could join your fun party. Love all your shelving and how organized you are. I bet it looks different after the party. You should take a before and after picture my friend :-)