Saturday, August 13, 2016


If you don't like bugs, don't look!

Sometimes I like to share some nature we discover in our yard.

Here's what we saw on the front tire of my car one morning this week.
 I think they usually shed their shells on trees.

This guy took a detour.

Don't his wings look like they're embossed vellum?

We hear them buzzing a lot around the house.  

It's a sound that I always associate with hot weather.

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Liz said...

What a gorgeous looking bug, the wings especially are beautiful and delicate. xx

Di said...

Wow Bonnie, how absolutely beautiful! So cute to see how he shed his overcoat like that :) And what colours and wings as well!


Di xx

LeAnne said...

Oh my....I have always seen one or the other, never together. Isn't it amazing that he fit into that little shell? I remember taking the wooden clothesline pole and poking the shells high out of our trees! I am my grandmother would wonder how her pole got so far from the clothesline, LOL! TFS!

Maxine D said...

thank you for sharing this Bonnie, it's beautiful. - isn't is amazing how nature is designed and works!!

Mac Mable said...

Yes it is so amazing..I've never seen anything like it before. Such beautiful wings x

Bożena Adamusińska said...

I really do not like bugs! But I looked and I am a little surprised :-) It is the cicada? And this is a small remnants of the larvae? The world is so strange ... maybe a little too nice ...? Thank you for this wonderful picture.

Susan said...

So glad you posted this, Bonnie, as I have never really thought about how cicadas shed their shell. We don't have them here so I don't know much about them. Love their fragile looking wings and the colours.

Princess Judy Palmer said...

Holy cow! I mean, holy bug! I hear these suckers all the time but never see them and I'm okay with that. A friend once said to me that with all the buzzing it sounds like we have a terrible electrical problem so now that's what I think whenever I hear the cicadas buzzing.