Sunday, September 14, 2014

Computer Problems

Hello Blogging Friends.

I haven't been around to visit much the past week because my computer is going so slow!  It was in the shop for a few days last week and it's still slow.  I mean it takes 2 minutes or more for a page to load.  Then to comment it takes another 2 minutes to get the comment box to come up.  ARGH!!!!!

It will have to go back to the shop and hopefully they can fix it this time.

I miss visiting all of you.  I did manage to schedule my Merry Monday card for tomorrow.

See you soon.


JoAnn said...

So sorry you are having computer problems. That is a bummer and so aggravating. I know how it is. :)

Brenda said...

I hate when stuff like this wastes my time by taking forever to load. I'm sorry your computer isn't working better, hopefully the next go around in the shop will produce a great running computer. Remember dial up?! I hated it and wouldn't use it because I didn't have time to sit around waiting for it to up load. lol Good luck with your computer Bonnie! Hugs, Brenda

Loll said...

Can totally relate. Bought a new computer a few months back and still don't have it up and running ... afraid my current one will crash at any time. It's always churning :) ... takes so long to do anything. xx