Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Another Book Report

I finally finished an audio book late last week, "The Last Song" by Nicholas Sparks. I love listening to a book while I am cutting out card elements, ironing, washing windows and in the car. Now that I don't have to drive to work every day, I don't listen much in the car unless I'm driving. When I drive, I take control of the CD player. I think that's only fair. This one took a while, especially since it didn't grab my interest as much as some do. I think it was the readers. I didn't care for the voices they used and unfortunately it detracted from the story.

It's a sweet story, almost too sweet. It's hard to believe it is written by a man! There is a love story between teenagers. The boy (Will) is a little too perfect. (Bet if a woman wrote the book, he wouldn't have been so nice.) The girl (Ronnie) has trouble as a constant companion until she meets Will. Ronnie & her little brother are sent to spend the summer with their father at Wrightsville Beach, NC. Ronnie hasn't spoken to her father since her parents divorced three years before and is not happy about having to spend time with him. Right off to bat she gets in trouble with the Islands bad kids. Her father is ever patient with her, giving up playing the piano to pacify Ronnie. When he shows her a nest of turtle eggs outside their house, Ronnie begins the process of losing the hostility, meets Will and gets to know her father. The love between father and daughter, between Ronnie and her little brother, between Ronnie and Will is inspirational. It's a feel good book and one I wish I had read instead of listened to. Although I would probably still be waiting for the book from the library. The waiting list was over 6oo people when I added my name!

If you want to read a book that doesn't keep you on the edge of your chair but enhances your life and sends a good message, this is the one for you. Or any other Nicholas Sparks books for that matter.

What are you reading?


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