Friday, May 27, 2011

Leaving Comments on Blogger

I had a tip from my Blogging Friend Vicky this morning about the comment problem.  She led me to this blogger who says to uncheck the "keep me signed in" box on the login.  When I tried it, it worked!  Hopefully it will keep working and I can let you know how  much I enjoy your cards.  Now if I can find more time!

See you later.


Chasing Claire de Lune said...

Right on Girlfriend!! I did what you said and I am having NO problems now on Blogger. I am soooooo thankful I found you post on Google!! THANKS!

Jules said...

Hi Bonnie

So pleased it helped.

You have a lovely blog. I have been having a little look around and I am thinking you love butterflies LOL!!!

Have a good weekend.

Love Jules xx

Vicky Hayes said...

So pleased Jules' tip helped Bonnie! Vx