Sunday, July 17, 2022

Did You Know

A few weeks (or maybe months) back a friend of mine emailed me about 
the fact that comments on our blogs were going to spam.

If she hadn't given me step by step instructions on how to find that, I would
have never known.

When I found the key, I saw that I had over 200 comments that had gone into
that spam folder.  Most of them were legitimate comments.

So now, I check often and set those sweet comments free.

Here's how to check in case you are as clueless as I was.

Go to your Blogspot Dashboard and click on comments.

Look in the top left over the comments where it says All and click on the arrow beside that.

A drop down will pop up and you'll see the work Spam with a number beside it.

Hopefully the number is 0.  If it isn't click on the word Spam and it will show you
all the comments it has collected.  

There is an arrow to the right you can click on to publish the comment.

Those comments are too precious to waste!


If you would like to subscribe by email,
please fill out the contact form in the upper right sidebar.
It is also important to add to your contact list
so Google recognizes the address and delivers the updates.

To unsubscribe please use the same form on the sidebar adding
unsubscribe to the message.

Thanks to all who have subscribed to my blog by email.
Your sweet and thoughtful comments warm my heart!


Christine Alexander said...

Thanks Bonnie, quite a few of my legitimate comments were in my spam folder :) Have now approved them xxx

Papercraft Boutique said...

Thanks so much for the useful info, Bonnie! I didn't know about this issue at all. I had some sweets comments in my spam folder, and approved them to publish. I'll start checking occasionally.
Hideko xx

Lisa Elton said...

I just found the same thing a couple of weeks ago, Bonnie. I had several in there as well. Blogger sure acts goofy sometimes!

I Card Everyone said...

I sure appreciated you passing this trick along to me today, Bonnie!! Thanks again!

JoAnn said...

Thanks for this info Bonnie. I appreciate it. I tried it and 2 that were legitimate comments. Have a wonderful week. Hugs,

nancy littrell said...

TFS the Spam list...I only had 20, but they were all from my friends and I would not have wanted to miss any...I will check every week or so...Love and Hugs, my friend. Nancy

LesleyG said...

Thanks for the reminder! Although I did discover this a while back, I’d forgotten to check recently and found a couple more. Xxx

kiwimeskreations said...

Thank Bonnie - I discovered that some time ago, and it's frustrationg how many comments do end up in spam!

LeAnne said...

OH MY GOSH!!!! Thank you for pointing this out! I just found about 100 comments that (some of them) I wondered where they went! Dang spam!

Bobby said...

That's weird. I did as you said and there were 85 listed in Spam. Of those a lot actually were but the last ones listed were ones I actually received by email today.
I found out a while ago that some were going to my Spam folder because I had said that any "no-repy blogger" should go there. I never said that and changed it but I can't remember how. lol

Susan said...

Thanks so much for posting this, Bonnie. I had no idea about this. When I went and looked, I had 78 legitimate comments in my spam folder and 7 true spam (either written in Arabic or promoting Viagra!). The legitimate comments went all the way back to 2017!

Viv said...

I wish Blogger would sort it out Bonnie! Driving me mad! x

Leslie Miller said...

I check it regularly now and stay on top. It's good of you to post this, Bonnie. Thanks!

TK said...

Wow! I not only had a SPAM folder, but I had another with even more in a folder called "Waiting for Moderation". These are supposed to be sent to my e-mail so I'm not sure how they got there. Also... I had to click Manage to the right, select all, then publish. Not sure why mine worked differently, but I still got them!

Loll said...

Thank you so much for this very surprising post, Bonnie. I checked ... 197 sitting there ... most from my sweet friends. xx

BożenA said...

Thank you Bonnie for this valuable info. It turned out that I had quite a few comments in my spam folder. I didn't know they could be there. I did not know that blogger migrates some comments to spam. It's wicked