Sunday, June 30, 2019

Turning the Page July 2019

Time to turn the page on our calendars to a new month.

I make calendars each year for my desk and my family.

I thought I'd set up a regular post on the last day of each month to share them.

I hope you enjoy my “Turning the Page” posts.

Here's our July page.

By the way, the calendars are clipped together and can be displayed on an easel
or hung on a push pin or magnetic hook.  We all have a different way to display them.

If you would like a word document with the calendar, email me
and I will be glad to send it to you so you can design your own.
Email link is on the sidebar.

Thanks for the visit and special thanks for your comments.



Loll said...

Beautiful patterned butterfly Bonnie. Love the vibrant blue. Very striking. xx

kiwimeskreations said...

Exquisite, Bonnie - love the colours on the butterfly

Marcia Hill said...

Absolutely BEAUTIFUL butterfly Bonnie...LOVE the blue shading!! I think July's gonna be a good month!! :0)

JoAnn said...

Beautiful butterfly for your July page.

Mac Mable said...

Such a vibrant and wonderful butterfly for the start of July x

Christine Alexander said...

That's such a beautiful butterfly Bonnie, the perfect intro into summer :)

Daffodil Cards said...

Gorgeous, how wonderful to enjoy your work each month - for a month :)
Faith x

Nstiz said...

That butterfly is just gorgeous, Bonnie! I'm a big fan of your calendar pages too! Love the color on this as well as the perfect shading.

Susan said...

Beautiful - love the blue with the black on the butterfly!

Jo said...

Beautiful, I know you know, but I love these. I'm writing for the word document ...I'll email for sure xxx

Papercraft Boutique said...

Gorgeous butterfly, Bonnie! Love the beautiful shades of blue with black dots!
Hideko xx

Bo┼╝enA said...

I love how you added colors for this butterfly. The color gradation is amazing. Such a July I love :-))